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Back Room Work

November 19, 2013

My last few months have been very busy, but not necessarily with design and website work. I became a new mum recently and naturally that has been my prime focus. That is not to say that I have not been doing any design work. The new cover for Bride of the Spear by Kathleen Herbert, is almost finished and Trifolium Books are still hoping to republish it before Christmas.

As well as the cover design we have been working with our web hosting company, Intoxify Hosting, to ensure that our website is running more smoothly. After a few hiccups with Intoxify’s support service, and a long conversation with them to put things right, I have to say that I am now very impressed with them, and their support has been just superb over the last couple of days in particular. They are worth considering if you need hosting for a Rapid Weaver or WordPress site.

Check back here soon for a preview of the finished Bride of the Spear cover.

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