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Many people would regard teaching as a full time job and a half – and so it is. Kate, as in everything she does, puts heart and soul into it and does it very well. However, like most other excellent teachers, she also has a rich inner life of the imagination and finds time in between preparation and marking to play violin in an orchestra, act and sing with a drama group, build and maintain websites, and design stationery and book covers for small businesses.

Key Skills:

  • Video Editing
  • Directing/ Producing
  • Photography
  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design


In my long experience of making English Language Teaching books, I have worked on colourful and complex layouts with many designers. Some of them are whizzes with the technology and the possibilities it offers. Some know instinctively what goes best where and how to combine many disparate elements into a pleasing and homogenous image. Some are particularly open to comment and ready with their own suggestions. Some are perfectionists. Some are generous with their time and patience and make working with them a pleasure.

It is rare to work with a designer who is all of these. Kate Jensen of Amber Images is one such, and I am hugely grateful that it is she who has designed the cover of my first full-length commercial novel, The Boy with Two Heads.
Julia Newsome

A highly well organised and multi-talented production professional, an asset to any business.
MD DBC Media Group

Meticulous attention to detail and an intuitive sense of design, as well as an ability to think laterally, make Kate an ideal person to create design solutions for individuals and small businesses. From building a website to designing a book cover, her creativity and impressive technical skill, coupled with her determination to see every task through to the end, mean that she solves the most intractable problems while creating something unique, modern and striking.
Connie Jensen, MD Trifolium Books UK

Kate’s creativity is a given. However, what has impressed me is her meticulous attention to the creative and technical detail. We have collaborated on two promotional Showreels and I remain more than content with her determination to ensure that every frame and every sound hit the right emotional buttons. Quality work. Quality results.
Peter Baxter-Derrington DipM MCIM

All Content and Images © 2003-2015 Kate Jensen. All Rights Reserved.
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