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About to start work on the latest Trifolium books cover. For a chance to see the first ideas, influence the design and win a copy of the book, visit the Trifolium Books blog.

A Cover at Brain Stage…

March 27, 2012

It is still in very early stages, but the cover for Kathleen Herbert’s first book of her Cumbrian Trilogy (first published in 1982) is set to be my next project. Trifolium Books plan to republish her trilogy, which is currently out of print, under a new trilogy title of Kingdoms of the North.

One of the cover elements of the first book, Bride of the Spear, will be a striking cloak pin made by Connie Jensen, accomplished jeweller and MD of Trifolium Books. See her initial design sketch below. The rest of the cover is still in construction, mainly in mine and Connie’s heads. At this stage we throw our ideas at each other and see if any of them stick. Often the inspiration will come from a single photograph.

Kathleen’s early covers were illustrations, often overly romantic and sometimes deceptive of their gritty, dark and accurate content (see below for some examples). Our aim is to completely freshen up these fantastic books and make them available to a new audience as well as her die-hard fans.

Latest Cover is Finished

February 19, 2012

It took a little more final tweaking than expected, but at last the cover for The Boy With Two Heads is finished and signed off. The publisher and author are both happy and the pdf is ready for uploading. Below is a sneak preview of the finished cover.

First Photographic Book Published!

February 19, 2012

My first edited collection of photographs is now available through Blurb.

More Work on the Boy…

February 17, 2012

This week I have been completing graphics work on the hand-drawn maps for the inside of The Boy with Two Heads. It involves cleaning up the scans and adding text and scales. This is work that I quite enjoy. It is fiddly and throws up lots of issues but I find I get into a bit of a rhythm with it. The cover design and Photoshop work is just about complete and we are still on schedule for publication by the end of February.

The Boy With Two Heads

February 5, 2012

Due to be published by the end of February, I have been hard at work on the design of a new cover for author Julia Newsome. This one has been a little different from the first two covers because the audience is young adult. The cover is a little busier and bolder, while still maintaining the house style. There is still some Photoshop work to do but I am almost ready to transfer the cover draft onto the Lightning Source template.

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